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Australian Shepherds

message to my puppy families

I have retired from breeding Australian Shepherds as of this year (2019).  The decision to retire is quite bittersweet for me and I often find myself overcome with emotion.  I cannot put into words everything that I feel when I think back on all the years I've been breeding these amazing dogs, and it seems like this message doesn't quite say what I want to express.  

I want to thank all of the wonderful people and families who bought CedarPaws puppies from my kennel over the years; many of whom I've become very close friends with.  I'm always here to support you all with any questions or challenges that you might have.  I love to get updates and pictures so please keep those coming!

Love you all,  


the future at cedarpaws

I still have my toe dipped in the Australian Shepherd world (you didn't think I'd disappear completely did you?) I have four stud males available to approved females.  Their information can be found in the menu under 'Available For Stud'. 

If you are looking for an Australian Shepherd puppy, I recommend the following reputable breeders:

Kirrabilli Australian Shepherds - Gail Stephens

Elevage Jolifilo Aussies - Linda Limoges

Fortis Australian Shepherds - Melissa O'Reilly