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Nov 13-15, 2015: Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club, Lindsay, Ontario - NEW TITLE - Labour Day Levi 'Levi' is back at it again in the performance ring. On Friday, Levi successfully completed the two outstanding legs required to earn his Rally Intermediate title, and he did it in style!  Marny and Levi earned a 3rd and 1st place finish with scores of 94 and 100 (HIC) under judges Paul Oslach and Lynne Oslach.  On Sunday Levi was also successful in completing one Novice Intermediate Obedience leg with a first-place score of 179.5 under judge Paul Osalch.  The titles keep rolling in!  Congrats!

Nov 13-15, 2015:  Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club, Lindsay, Ontario - More impressive wins for BBPIS CedarPaws Sweet Addiction 'Chili' at the Georgina show!  On Friday, Chili went BOW and BPIG for a 3-point major under judge Mark Houston-McMillan.  Suzanne and Chili also earned RWB on Sunday under judge Judith Taylor.  Chili now has 8 points towards her CKC championship.

Oct 24-25, 2015:  The Grand River Kennel Club, Rockton, Ontario - Debbie and her sidekick CKC GCh/UKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori' did a fantastic job at the UKC show in Rockton on Sunday.  The duo took a Group 3rd placement under judge Sharon Griffin and a Group 2nd placment under judge Tammy DeWitt.  What a fantastic day!

Oct 16-18, 2015:  Elgin County Kennel Club, London, Ontario - Debbie and Tori entered the Elgin show since it was local to them, and they did very well, taking SB all three days under judges Barbara Dempsy-Alderman, Sue-Ellyn Rempel, and Dana Cline.  Debbie took advantage of having the photographer at this event, and got a formal grand championship photo of Tori while they were there.  A great culmination to her CKC show career. 

Sep 25-27, 2015:  Burlington Kennel & Obedience Club, Rockton, Ontario - NEW TITLE - Huge congratulations to Tori and Debbie on achieving Tori's CKC grand championship!  Tori took BOS both Saturday and Sunday for the final 2 points needed under judges Ms. W Schira and Mr. B Taylor.  Nice job you two!!  Tori is now CKC GCh/UKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori'.  What's in store next for this team?  

Sep 11-13, 2015:  Oakville & District Kennel Club, Milton, Ontario - Exciting updates!  BBPIS CedarPaws Sweet Addiction 'Chili' earned five CKC points this weekend going RWB under judge J Gagne, WB under judge Dr. K Anselm, and BPIG and BOB under judge Frances Smith Moffat beating out a nice selection of aussies and also two specials.  Amazing!   CKC/UKC Ch Cedarpaws A River Runs 'Tori' also earned two points going SB under judge James Reynolds.  Very impressive ladies!

Sep 5-7, 2015:  Essex County Kennel Club, Kingsville, Ontario - CedarPaws dominated this weekend!   CKC/UKC Ch Cedarpaws A River Runs 'Tori' showed amazingly this weekend, going BOB for three out of four shows, and taking a Group 2nd placement!  Thank you to judges Ms. L Perez, Dr. F Daza Almandrales and Ms. J Rusby.  Tori earned 4 points towards her grand championship this weekend!  CKC GCh/UKC Ch CedarPaws Majestic Expression RI 'Jasper' also had a good weekend, taking BOB under judge Ms. P Pancel.  Great job team!

Aug 27-30, 2015:  Markham Kennel Club, Pickering, Ontario - Little Miss Chili (aka BBPIS CedarPaws Sweet Addiction) is growing up, and entered her first show as a big girl!  She and her owner/handler Suzanne Lynch had some great success, going RWB on both Saturday and Sunday under judges Ms. D. Conod and Ms. H. Langfeld. Thank you to the judges!  Chili certainly held her own at only six months with a nice entry of aussies.  Congratulations you two!

Aug 7-9, 2015:  Kilbride and District Kennel Club, Caledonia, Ontario - Congratulations Debbie and Tori!  This weekend CKC/UKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori' earned four more grand championship points by going SB twice under judges R. Mahon and J.L. Blais.  Debbie and Tori now stand at 12 out of the 20 points required for this new title.  *photo courtesy of Valarie Yates of Ninebark Australian Shepherds  

Aug 2-4, 2015:  Barrie Kennel & Obedience Club, Orillia, Ontario - Yay Levi!   CedarPaws Labour Day Levi RN CD CRN NTD CGN 'Levi' and Marny earned two Intermediate Rally legs this weekend with scores of 96 and 97 under judge Ted Leslie.  Awesome job!  And both scores were HIC.  Marny and Levi need one more leg to earn their Rally Intermediate title.

Aug 1-2, 2015:  Willoughby Stock Dog Club, Niagara Falls, Ontario - Two littermates, CKC GCh/UKC Ch CedarPaws Majestic Expression RI 'Jasper' and CKC GCh Lasting Impression 'Koda', participated in the ASCA show hosted by the Willoughby Stock Dog Club at Tee Creek Farms this weekend.  Koda earned his first 4 points going WD twice under judges Cheryl Padgett and Peter Machen.  Jasper was successful at completing two rally legs under judge Lori Fausett with scores of 186 and 193, and also earning 2 conformation points going WD also under judge Lori Fausett.  This weekend was a great success all around. Thank you to the judges and to the owner/handlers Kristyne Lister and Tiffany Stark who do such an amazing job with these boys.

Jul 17-19, 2015:  Maple Leaf Kennel Club, Erin, Ontario - NEW TITLES - A great weekend for both Tori and Jasper this weekend!  The Maple Leaf Kennel Club offered five shows and an aussie booster, and this was enough for both dogs to earn their UKC championships.  Tori secured the last 45 points she required by earning WB under judges Pennie Jackson and Stanely Matsumoto (50 points) and taking her class under judges Gregory Storm, Rick Gann and Laurie Soutar (30 points).  Congratulations Debbie and Tori!  Tori is now UKC Ch/CKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori'.

Also at this show, Jasper earned his championship by going Group 4th under judge Pennie Jackson (35 points), WD under judges Gregory Storm, Stanely Matsumoto and Laurie Soutar (75 points) and taking his class under judge Rick Gann (10 points).  Way to go Tiffany and Jasper!  Jasper is now UKC Ch/CKC GCh CedarPaws Majestic Expression RI 'Jasper'.  

Jul 11-12, 2015:  Association Canine Charlevoisienne, Baie St. Paul, Quebec - NEW TITLE - A great weekend was had by Linda Limoges of Jolifilo Aussies and her sidekick Mélanie Boucher along with Karen!  Firstly, CedarPaws Jolifilo Crimsontide 'Denzel' secured his final required point for his CKC championship going BOW under judge M. John Liu for 3 points on Saturday and then earning SD for each show on Sunday under judges Ms Katrine Grant and M. Brenton T. Wright.  That earns him 4 points towards his grand championship.  Way to go Jolifilo Aussies!

We also need to announce the success that CedarPaws All Kidding Aside 'Cyrus' had at this show.  Cyrus was awarded RWD and BPIG under judge M. John Liu and also received RWD and BPIB under judges Ms Katrine Grant and M. Brenton T. Wright.  Lots in store for this boy's future! 


Jul 4-5, 2015:  Kawartha Kennel Club, Norwood, Ontario - Two more BBPIBs and another BBPIG for Chili and Suzanne!  Such a cutie-pie. Thank you to judges William Gunn and Phyllis Pancel. Great job you two! Chili approves of her ribbon. . . 

Jun 12-14, 2015:  Ontario County Kennel Club, Orono, Ontario - NEW TITLE - What an exciting debut!  Little 'Chili', otherwise known as CedarPaws Sweet Addiction, stepped into the show ring for the first time on Friday as a baby puppy.  She was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Show!  Thank you so much to judge Sylvia Barkey for this amazing win.  Chili and her owner/handler Suzanne Lynch of PineLyn Aussies were also awarded BBPIG by judges Kathrine Grant and Peggy Gutierrez-Otero.  Chili is now BBPIS CedarPaws Sweet Addiction.  We can't wait to see what's next!

Jun 5-8, 2015:  Erie Shores Kennel Club, Caledonia, Ontario - GCh CedarPaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' showed in the Erie Shores show this weekend. He and Kristyne had good success!  Koda went BOB on Friday, and SD the other two days in a very nice line-up of Aussies.  Many thanks to judges William Usherwood, Carolyn Cederman and Dana Cline.  Koda is quite the looker and a charmer to boot! UKC shows are next in Koda's future. . .

May 22-24, 2015:  Ottawa Kennel Club, Richmond, Ontario - Kristyne and Koda have done it yet again!  Back in the ring, GCh CedarPaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' showed his stuff going BOB under judge Jocelyne Gagne, and earning two BOS finishes under judges Donna Conod and Glen Stark. Amazing!  We're hearing rumours that this boy is destined for the performance ring next, so stay tuned for future updates.

May 16-18, 2015: K-W Kennel Club, Kitchener, Ontario - It looks like Miss 'Tori' (Ch CedarPaws A River Runs) and her owner/handler Debbie Legault are back in the ring!  They snuck in a show in Kitchener, but kept it all a bit quiet.  Well, we're not about quiet!  Congratulations on winning BOS in the one show on Saturday that they were able to attend, under judge L. Paradis, earning another two grand championship points!  Tori and Debbie now have earned a total of 10 points.  The goal is in sight!
May 16-18, 2015:  Hochelaga Kennel Club, Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec - What a wonderful weekend for CedarPaws Jolifilo Crimsontide 'Denzel' and his co-owners  Mélanie Boucher and Linda Limoges!  Denzel was awarded BOS on Saturday under judge Ed Wild, and WD on both Sunday and Monday under judges Lynda Saranchuk and Heather Langfeld.  Altogether Denzel and Mélanie earned 5 points!  Just one more point needed to secure his championship. Congratulations to all!

May 8-10, 2015:  Arnprior Canine Association, Arnprior, Ontario - NEW TITLE - Huge congratulations to Kristyne Lister and Ch CedarPaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' who went BOS under judges Janet Lobb, Joe Lobb and JoAnn Pavey earning 6 points, and then going SD under judge Virginia Lyne earning the final point required to earn their grand championship!  Way to go!

May 1-3, 2015:  Club Canin Rive-Sud de Montreal, Iberville, Quebec - Congratulations to Mélanie Boucher and CedarPaws Jolifilo Crimsontide 'Denzel' on earning their first 4 points in the show ring together!  Denzel went WD on both Saturday and Sunday under judges Mike Macbeth and Michell Scott, earning 2 points each day.  What a fantastic start to this boy's show career.  Denzel is co-owned by Linda Limoges of Jolifilo Aussies.

May 2-3, 2015:  Windsor All Breed Training & Tracking Club, Windsor, Ontario - NEW TITLE - They are on a roll!  CKC GCh CedarPaws Majestic Expression RN 'Jasper' and his co-owner and handler, Tiffany Stark had their eye on more performance titles and they succeeded!  Jasper and Tiffany successfully completed three legs in Rally-O on the weekend under judges Susan Bell and Sharon Smith, with scores of 100, 96 and 99 (all High in Class finishes) earning their Rally-O Intermediate title.  Congrats you two!  Jasper is now CKC GCh CedarPaws Majestic Expression RI.

Apr 10-12, 2015:  Kent Kennel Club, Chatham, Ontario - NEW TITLE - Two Team CedarPaws members competed in conformation and Rally-O at the CKC show held in Chatham over the weekend.  CKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori' earned another point towards her grand championship (making her total now 7) with a BOS awarded under judge Sumiko Ikeda and went SB under judge Tom Alexander, while GCh CedarPaws Majestic Expression 'Jasper' was awarded SD under Tom Alexander.  Jasper also tried his luck in the Rally-O ring for the first time and was quite successful!  He earned scores of 99 (3rd place), 96 (2nd place) and 98 (High in Class) under judges Edward Leslie, Diana MacKenzie and Paul Oslach.  These finishes earn him his Rally-O Novice title.  Wonderful job to the handlers Debbie and Tiffany! And may we present CKC GCh CedarPaws Majestic Expression RN!

Apr 11-12, 2015:  Club Canine de l'Estrie, Windsor, Quebec - Welcome back to the ring Koda and Kristyne!  Ch CedarPaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' had some great success in the ring this weekend in Quebec.  Koda went BOB and Group 3rd under judge Larry Kereluke and BOB under judge Ray Smith earning 6 grand championship points on Saturday.  Then on Sunday Kristyne and Koda went SD twice under judges Michael Hill and Shirley Limoges earning another 4 points.  Koda now sits at 13 points.  Amazing job you two!

Mar 10, 2015: - NEW TITLE - Marny and Levi are at it again!  Only this time they're expanding their horizons and pursuing a trick dog title!  This is a great opportunity for all of the CedarPaws family out there.  To earn this title, 15 tricks were required to be witnessed.  Levi showed that he could do doggy pushups, ring a bell to go outside, give kisses, fetch, show restraint with food refusal/leave it, put his paws up on an object, speak, wave, come, shake a paw, give a high five, follow hand signals, down, sit, spin, kennel up, and stay.  They even completed a few extra just for good measure!  To learn more about this fun title, visit  Contratulations Marny and Levi on earning your Novice Trick Dog title! Levi is now CedarPaws Labour Day Levi RN CD CRN NTD CGN.

Mar 21-22, 2015:  Windsor All Breed Training & Tracking Club, Windsor, Ontario - A great weekend for Team CedarPaws!  Seeing as the show was in his hometown, CKC GCh CedarPaws Majestic Expression 'Jasper' tried his paws out in the ring again - just for fun.  He took a Group 2nd placement and three Select Dog placements in the four shows.  CKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori' also showed her stuff with three BOS placements in three shows, earning 6 grand championship points.  Wonderful showing guys!  Thank you to judges Patricia Cruz, Oscar Echandi, Ed Wild and Judi Elford.  Can't wait until the next show!

Feb 20-22, 2015:  Woodstock & District Canine Association, Woodstock, Ontario - NEW TITLE - In just two weekends, CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori' has earned her CKC championship!  Such an amazing introduction to the show world for this girl and we are so proud.  Tori went BOS on both Saturday and Sunday securing the final 4 points needed.  Thank you to judges Barbara Dempsey Alderman and Jon Cole and also to owner/handler Debbie Legault for this exciting win.  We now would like to introduce you to CKC Ch CedarPaws A River Runs.  Good girl Tori!  

Feb 5-8, 2015:  Wildwood Kennel Club, Woodstock, Ontario - CedarPaws A River Runs 'Tori' had an incredible debut in CKC this weekend.  On Saturday Tori earned 1 point for going BOS under judge Doug Windsor.  And on Sunday Tori and her owner/handler Debbie Legault went BOB and Group 2nd earning a 5-point major under judge Ron Tolson.  Tori now stands at 6/10 points needed for her CKC championship at only 20 months old.  Big congratulations to Debbie and Tori!  You make us proud!