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Team CedarPaws News 2014

Nov 23, 2014:   Canadian Association of Rally Obedience Trials, Bowmanville, Ontario - NEW TITLE - Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi RN CD CGN 'Levi' is at it again!  He and his owner/handler Marny Thertell-Barrie are on fire and can't be stopped.  They have earned a new title again, this time in CARO, earning scores of 195, 191 and 198 (securing first place!) under judges Shelley Lyck and Deana Lyn Abbott.  Amazing job.  May we now present Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi RN CD CRN CGN!

Nov 7-9, 2014:  Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club, Lindsay, Ontario - NEW TITLES - Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi PCD CGN 'Levi' had an outstanding weekend! In fact it was SO good, that Levi achieved not just one, but TWO titles!  On Friday, he successfully completed his final leg in Rally-O with a 97 and placing second under judge Joan Reid.  Then on Saturday, Levi was successful in achieving his final leg in obedience with a 187.5 under judge Darwin Bowles.  Amazing!  Just for good measure they completed an extra leg scoring 191.5 and placing first.  Marny and Levi certainly make quite the team. May we present Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi RN CD CGN!

Nov 7-9, 2014:  Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club, Lindsay, Ontario - Ch Cedarpaws Wild West 'Chaps' is back in the show ring and earning some points towards his Grand Championship.  On Saturday Chaps earned 2 points under judge Lee Anne Bateman taking Select Dog.  Thank you very much Lee Anne! Stay tuned for more of Chaps in upcoming shows.

Oct 25-26, 2014:  The Grand River Kennel Club, Rockton, Ontario - Cedarpaws A River Runs 'Tori' debuted in the show ring at her first UKC show.  On Saturday Tori was awarded 35 points attaining Second/Reserve Best Female in the morning and First/Best Female in the afternoon.  Congratulations!  She went on to show Sunday earning another 20 points for a total of 55/100 UKC points.  Thanks to Debbie Legault for showing like a pro, and also to judge Margaret Doster.  Keep us informed of your next event!  

Oct 3-5, 2014:  Pine Ridge Kennel Club, Port Hope, Ontario - Ch Cedarpaws Little Mermaid 'Ariel' is back in the ring!  She had a very successful weekend taking three BOBs, a BOS and a Group 3rd.  The weekend got off to a rocky start since Ariel was spooked by a very loud train passing (and shaking!) the building, but she put on a very brave face for the rest of the shows.  She earned 6 GCh points including her required BOB and two majors.  Thanks to judges Jocelyne Gagne, Michael Shoreman, Rosemary Shoreman and Robert Dawson.

Sep 19-21, 2014:  Club Canin Chomedy, Terrebonne, Quebec - Jolifilo N Cedarpaws Galaxy 'Draco' wins BPIG and BOB for 3 points his very first time in the ring!  At only 11 months old, this boy is going places (as we knew he would).  But wait, there's more!  Draco also won Best Puppy in Show!  We couldn't be more pleased and are thrilled for Linda Limoges of Jolifilo Aussies.  A big thank you to judges Ron Mahon and Virginia Lyne.  Keep us updated on future wins!

Aug 29-Sep 1, 2014:  Essex County Kennel Club, Kingsville, Ontario - NEW TITLE - CKC Ch Cedarpaws Majestic Expression 'Jasper' successfully earned his Grand Championship this weekend!  Jasper took BOB in four out of four shows and also took two Group 3rds.  A great way to finish off his formal show career in CKC (although, you may see him pop up from time to time).  Thank you to judges R. Fehler, M. Anselmo Alves, A. Rivera Franco, and J. Alberto Grillo!  This is Cedarpaws' first Grand Championship and we are pretty excited.  Watch for Jasper (aka GCh Cedarpaws Majestic Expression) to continue his show career in AKC and ASCA in the months to come!

Jul 19-20, 2014:  Oshawa Obedience Association, Bowmanville, Ontario - Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi PCD CGN 'Levi' is back in the ring, only this time he and Marny are after his Rally Novice and Companion Dog titles.  On Saturday Marny and Levi entered two Rally trials - and completed two successful legs (with 2nd place finishes) under judge Lynne A. Oslach.  Then on Sunday in obedience they placed 3rd and 1st in the two trials they entered, winning the class in the second trial (also under judge Lynne A. Oslach).  Levi also was awarded the Highest Scoring Australian Shepherd in Trial! What a great weekend! Only two legs away from TWO new titles.  Pretty impressive you two!

Jul 19-20, 2014:  Club Canin du Fjord, La Baie, Quebec - CKC Ch Cedarpaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' earns his first grand championship points.  On Saturday and Sunday, Koda and Kristyne took SD under judge A. Gaudin for 2 points.  On Sunday Koda went BOS under judge J. Byrne for an additional point.  Great job guys!

Jul 12-13, 2014:  Association Canine Charlevoisienne, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec - NEW TITLE - Cedarpaws Rainbow Moonstone 'Luna' had an amazing weekend in Quebec!  On Saturday, Luna and her owner/handler Linda Limoges (Jolifilo Aussies) went BOB under judge Cheryl Paterson for a 3-point major. These 3 points secured Luna's CKC championship since she held 7 points already from previous shows.  But that didn't stop them from going BOB Saturday afternoon under judge Tony Vandendool and again on Sunday with a Group 3rd under judge Martin Doherty.  Amazing!  Congratulations Linda and Luna aka CKC Ch Cedarpaws Rainbow Moonstone!

Jul 4-6, 2014:  Kawartha Kennel Club, Norwood, Ontario - UPDATE - CKC Ch Cedarpaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' goes BOB under judge Ms. M. Macbeth for 2 points and WD, BOS under judge Ms. J. Elford in the afternoon for another point.  This secures Koda's championship (which may have had a slight miscalculation earlier. . .) and we couldn't be happier!  From there, Koda and Kristyne went BOB and Group 3rd under Mr. M. Chaloux and WD, BOS again on day 3 under Mr. D. Heck.  These two are on fire!  Watch for more updates as Koda works towards his grand championship!

Jul 4-7, 2014:  Sarnia Kennel Club, Brigden, Ontario - CKC Ch Cedarpaws Majestic Expression 'Jasper' and his co-owner/handler Tiffany were entered for two days in this show.  On Saturday they went BOB and earned 2 grand championship points under judge Donna L. Conod and on Sunday under judge Martin D. Doherty Jasper went SD for 1 point.  Thank you to the judges and thanks to Jasper and Tiffany!  Jasper now sits at 13 grand championship points overall.

Jun 30-Jul 3, 2014:  Bobcaygeon Kennel Club, Lindsay, Ontario - Cedarpaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' and Kristyne are at it again!  Just for good measure these two were back in the show ring, and took 1 point for Winner's Dog under judge Mr. T. Vendendool.  Not bad for only attending one show. Good job guys! 

Jun 12-15, 2014:  St. Francis Kennel & Obedience Club, Brome, Quebec - NEW TITLE - Cedarpaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' earned two Group 3rd placements over the weekend and 4 points, securing his championship!!  Thank you to judges Sandra Lex and Nancy Popovich and to Kristyne Lister - Koda's owner and handler - who did an amazing job working with this boy.  Thank you Kristyne!  We couldn't be more pleased to present 

CKC Ch Cedarpaws Lasting Impression:

Jun 14-15, 2014:  Ontario County Kennel Club, Orono, Ontario - NEW TITLES - Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi 'Levi' earned his final required leg (and a couple extra, just for good measure!) towards his PCD title!  A huge thank you to judges Darwin Boles and Diana MacKenzie and to Marny Thertell-Barrie for being the other half of this fantastic team.  But wait!  There's more!  Levi and Marny also went on to earn their CGN title under evaluator Joan Reid.  We are so proud of this duo and can't wait to see what's next.  May we present Cedarpaws Labour Day Levi, PCD, CGN and handler Marny Thertell-Barrie:

May 17-19, 2014:  Sault Ste Marie Kennel Club, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario - What an amazing weekend for CedarPaws Australian Shepherds!  Three CedarPaws dogs were entered in this show:  CKC Ch CedarPaws Majestic Expression 'Jasper', CedarPaws Little Mermaid 'Ariel' and CedarPaws Wild West 'Chaps'.  Between the three dogs, the team was awarded five BOBs, two Select Dog wins, three Winners Dog, two BOWs, three BPIBs, two BPIGs, two Group 4ths, one Group 3rd, one Group 2nd, two championships with a total of 26 points earned, and 10 grand championship points!

Jasper certainly wow'd the judges this weekend!  He earned a BOB under Ms. L Bateman and another BOB along with a Group 3rd placement under Mr. W Thompson. He was also awarded Select Dog twice under judges Mr. F Dewsbury and Mrs. J Elford.  We are so proud of this boy!  Jasper now has 10/20 points required for his grand championship - all earned within this weekend - and was handled by his co-owner Tiffany Stark.  Awesome job Jasper and Tiffany!

NEW TITLE - Ariel started the weekend with zero points - but that didn't last for long!  This little lady finished off her championship in style earning BPIG twice, BOW twice, BOB twice, BPIG once, a Group 4th and a Group 2nd placement.  Several of these wins were over dogs entered as specials.  Thank you to judges Mr. F Dewsbury, Ms. L Bateman, Mr. T Touzel, Mr. B Taylor and Mrs. J Elford. Championship complete in only one weekend!  Karen and Jim Cunningham handled Ariel throughout the shows.  Congrats Ariel!  Lots to come in this girl's future!

NEW TITLE - Chaps not only started the weekend without any points, but he had only ever attended two handling classes!  Although he was a little unsure about the whole dogshow scene at first, those nerves didn't hold him back for long.  Along with three Winners Dog wins, Chaps also earned a BPIG, his own BOB and a Group 4th placement.  Thank you to judges Mr. F Dewsbury, Mr. W Thompson, Mr. T Touzel, Mr. B Taylor and Mrs. J Elford.  What an amazing weekend for this little boy that saw him start and complete his championship.  We can't wait to see what happens down the road for Chaps!  Karen and Jim Cunningham handled Chaps over the weekend.

May 9-11, 2014:  Arnprior Canine Association, Arnprior, Ontario - Another great day for CedarPaws Lasting Impression, 'Koda'.  Koda received BOB under judge Johan Becerra-Hernandez for a 2-point major and then was awarded Group 3rd under judge Cec Ringstrom for an additional point.  Amazing job from Kristyne and Koda.  This brings Koda's point count to 6/10.  Can't wait to see what's next for these two!

May 2-4, 2014:  Peterborough and District Obedience Club, Peterborough, Ontario - CedarPaws Labour Day Levi, 'Levi' earned two legs towards his PCD title under judges Marie J. Cloutier and Delvyn Lunn.  Such an awesome job by his owner and handler Marny Thertell-Barrie.  Good luck in your next event and good boy Levi!

Apr 25-27, 2014:  Victoria County Kennel Club, Lindsay, Ontario - CedarPaws Lasting Impressions, 'Koda' wins BOB for a 2-point major thanks to Judge M. Saranchuk. Koda was handled by his owner Kristyne Lister.  Congratulations to both!

Apr 25-27, 2014:  Victoria County Kennel Club, Lindsay, Ontario - CedarPaws Little Mermaid, 'Ariel' wins BOS twice and BPIB thanks to Judge M. Saranchuk.  This little one is on her way to great things!

Apr 11-13, 2013:  Champlain Dog Club, Petawawa, Ontario - BOB win for CedarPaws Lasting Impression 'Koda' for his first CKC point!  Thank you to judge Michael Woods.  Congratulations to both Koda and Kristyne Lister.  Good luck on your championship journey!