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Quotes I can not express how grateful I am to Jim and Karen Cunningham at CedarPaws Australian Shepherds for entrusting me with my beautiful boy. After losing one of my girls, I had been struggling with finding another Aussie to join our family. Karen's kindness, patience, and understanding made me realize that a CedarPaws puppy was the right one for me. As a serious obedience competitor I was looking for a puppy who could handle the stresses that can sometimes come along with being in the obedience ring. CedarPaws Big Bang (aka Sheldon) is not only BEAUTIFUL but has the BRAINS and soundness of mind that I was looking for. Jim and Karen have made me feel like one of family. I love the trust and connection I have with them. Quotes
Sue Bosence
K9 P.L.A.Y. Positive Learning Academy Saint John, NB

Quotes Both of my children have Angelman Syndrome. One of the symptoms is insomnia. So one morning at about 3am I was up with my boys. My heart was hurting. You see my long time partner, Tonka, had passed away a couple of months prior and she always filled my bucket during the wee hours of the morning. Somehow on my phone I came across this website "CedarPaws". I saw these adorable furry faces and smiled. I filled out a puppy questionnaire thinking I'd never in a million hear back. Well guess what... I did. Karen and I spoke on the phone for nearly two hours. It was like we had known each other for years. I went to her home to see the babies. What I saw at her house was so comforting. Dogs that were respected, exercised, and loved. But what I really liked was that Karen was protective of her pups. I knew we were cut from the same cloth when it came to our fur babies. Karen picked our puppy. We had no idea who would join our family until we picked her up. Karen knows her dogs. We are grateful Quotes
McCutcheon Family
Akuna "Knowing Follower"

Quotes Yes, 4th! Apparently that sets a CedarPaws record. Champ (12yrs), Keena (10yrs) and Blaze (6yrs) will next year be joined by a new addition. Considering we live in British Columbia and that we fly in for these dogs gives you an even greater appreciation of our belief that Karen's dogs are the best! Her dogs are beautiful - the pictures make that obvious. More importantly, though, is that Karen does such a tremendous job pre-training her dogs. They come into your home with a sense of obedience that is unmatched. From a temperament perspective, our dogs have helped raise our 6yr old daughter and 8yr old son! Ear tugs, tackles, tag...whatever came their way, as gentle as can be. Nightly pre-sleep cuddles are standard at our house. My wife and I are endurance athletes. Our Aussies have trained with us virtually every step of the way. 12yr old Champ is now retired, but Keena keeps leading the way with Blaze. What more can we say?! 4 dogs from Karen!! We love them and can't wait for our 4th Quotes
Steve Cawley
We Just Asked Karen for our 4th CedarPaws Aussie

Quotes I want to thank my wonderful friend and breeder Karen for talking to me about the Dallas/CiCi litter a couple years back and taking the time to let me bend her ears about our loss and how we were interested in another Aussie boy to help mend our hearts. Karen took great patience in listening and asking about Bob and I and our accomplishments with our four dogs and what we wanted. Bless you for recommending that we call Lynne Skinner as she has become a valued family member to us and you speaking on our behalf helped us to be entrusted with our beautiful Dallas/CiCi son 'Houston'. Today Houston finished his AKC CH and so now he has his AKC and UKC CH titles. Words can never express how we will always hold a place in our hearts for you and Lynne Skinner. Thank you Karen for trusting Bob and I with one of your babies. CiCi will always be special to us as Dallas surely is. Thank you Karen. Quotes
Jamey DeLuca
Owner of Houston (CiCi x Dallas)

Quotes I started in Aussies just about 10 years ago and Karen at CedarPaws was one of two breeders who helped, thought and coached me along the way. Her generosity as well as her knowledge of our breed were really appreciated and along the road we developed a great friendship. I own two dogs from CedarPaws kennel and I'm so proud to be able to continue breeding the bloodlines Karen has developed over the years. Thank you for the trust, the time you accord to our wonderful breed and most of all... For your friendship! Quotes
Linda Limoges
Breeder: Élevage JOLIFILO Aussies

Quotes I met Karen when I was finally ready to add a new Australian Shepherd to our home after losing our first Aussie this summer. I knew immediately that she was the breeder for us. I was blown away by her Aussies and knew we had to have one of her puppies. Fast forward to today and we are so thrilled to have welcomed little Samson to the family. He is joining our almost 5 year old Aussie, Jackson and the two of them are already getting along great. We are so impressed with Samson and love him to pieces already. We can't wait for all of the years we have ahead of us with this sweetheart. Thank you for trusting us with him!! Quotes
Katie Bettridge
New CedarPaws Parent

Quotes Now that I have moved away to start my life out west, I am looking forward to bringing home a CedarPaws puppy of my own. Although I am at the other end of the country, I wouldn't go anywhere else other than CedarPaws for my next Aussie and hopefully, in the next few months, we will welcome the next generation CedarPaws Aussie to our family. Quotes
Meghan Gibbons and Chris Cable
Loyal CedarPaws Parents

Quotes I am having the time of my life with Miss CedarPaws Fundy Girl - my Fynney Green. Thanks to L'Académie Chien in Ste-Thérèse, Québec, and its owner Melanie Boucher (who is the proud mom of another CedarPaws pup, Mr. CedarPaws Crimson Tide - Denzel, Fynney's littermate), Fynney and I are active in obedience, free style and rally-O. We've done some agility too, plus Fynney Green gets to spend some time with her brother - it's the best of all worlds. That brings me to CedarPaws and Jim and Karen Cunningham. Saying I was lucky to find Karen is an understatement. Her dedication to her dogs and her assiduous breeding program are nothing short of extraordinary. The support she gave me during Fynne's puppyhood speaks not only to her exemplary dedication and her amazing knowledge but to her dogged integrity as well - no pun intended. Not only did I find my breed back in 1994, but I found my breeder in 2014, and a great friend to boot! Thank you, Karen. Love you loads. Quotes
Patrice Tardif
Very Happy Aussie Owner

Quotes When our family decided it was the right time to look for a new puppy we spent a lot of time researching different breeders. From the first visit to the CedarPaws web site we knew that we had found something special that none of the others could match. Spending time with Karen and her dogs has been an amazing experience; we would highly recommend anyone interested in an Australian Shepherd to start with Karen and CedarPaws. If you are half as fortunate as we were, you will end up with an amazing addition to your family like we got with Wizard. Because of her high standards and great care, CedarPaws Aussies are some of the best in the world! Thank you Karen so much, Rob, Shana, Zachary and Abigayle Quotes
Rob and Shana Sinclair
Super Satisfied Aussie Family

Quotes In the 27 years that Gary and I have had Australian Shepherds, we have not been so amazed as we are with Chevy. From the beginning when he joined our family, he has been obedient, friendly and loving like we have never experienced. It is obvious that you have poured your heart and soul into your dogs! Chevy has changed our entire family and the atmosphere of our home. What a pleasure. The love and affection that he has brought is truly incredible! Thank you Karen. Quotes
Gary & Leslie Myers
Chevy's Grandparents