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Australian Shepherds

The Gents

CKC Ch CedarPaws Tye1On at Kirrabilli

DOB:  Mar 23, 2009

Colour:  Black Tri (Red Factored)

Size/Weight: 21"/50 lbs.

Eyes:  Normal/Normal

MDR1:  Normal/Normal

Hereditary Cataract Mutation:  Clear

Bite:  Full dentition, scissor bite

Hips:  University of Guelph tested - Clear

Reg:  CKC and ASCA (DNA-CP)

Owner(s):  Karen Cunningham and Gail Stephens

Breeder(s):  Karen Cunningham (CedarPaws)


CKC GCh/ASCA/AKC/UKC Ch CedarPaws Majestic Expression CKC RA, ASCA RN, AKC CA, HIT, RATI

DOB:  Sep 16, 2012

Colour:  Red Tri

Size/Weight:  21"/50 lbs.

Eyes:  Normal/Normal - Light Amber

MDR1:  Normal/Normal

Hereditary Cataract Mutation:  Cleared by parentage

Pelger-Huët:  Clear

Bite:  Scissor bite

Hips:  OFA Good AS-31807G25F-VPI

Elbows:  OFA Normal AS-EL7508F25-VPI

Reg:  CKC ZS479571

         AKC DN42024101

         UKC P774983

         ASCA (DNA-CP) F190204 

Owner(s):  Karen Cunningham & Tiffany Stark

Breeder(s):  Karen Cunningham (CedarPaws)


CedarPaws All Kidding Aside

DOB:  Dec 13, 2014

Colour:  Red Merle

Size/Weight:  Puppy

Eyes: Pending - Blue

MDR1:  Pending

Hereditary Cataract Mutation:  Pending

Pelger-Huët:  Pending

Bite:  Full dentition, scissor bite

Hips:  Too early

Reg:  CKC

Owner(s):  Karen Cunningham

Breeder(s):  Karen Cunningham (CedarPaws)